Why Choose Us

1 Strong Online Comunity
We have a strong online community of workers in Vermont.
2 Enormous Reach
We advertise to over 20,000 people.
3 Business Promotion
Any partner of Beacon will be featured on the website.


About us

BeaconVT started because of a question we had: why is it so hard to find a job in Vermont? We, like most students, thought it was simply because there are very few jobs in Vermont. As we got more involved in the local business community, however, we realized there are tons of jobs, but employers say they can’t find qualified graduates. So if students want local jobs but can’t find them, and businesses can’t reach local students with their job posts, there is a clear disconnect.

We created BeaconVT to help students build skills and experience through local jobs, and to help Vermont businesses grow. Above all, we want to help reduce brain drain from Vermont by showing students all the great local opportunities and helping them find fulfilling work.

Our Mission

Beacon is the solution for projects that fall to the wayside. We are an interactive marketplace for businesses looking for an extra set of hands and students looking to grow their work experience.

Meet Our Work Team

  • Pete Silverman

    Pete Silverman is the CEO and Co-Founder of Beacon alongside Max...

  • Max Robbins

    I founded Beacon with my colleague Peter Silverman earlier this year....

  • Eric Green

    Beacon provides the ideal hire for entrepreneurial startups. We form personal...


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