Vermont Evaporator Company is committed to sourcing goods and services locally whenever possible. We were happy to give Beacon a try, and they served us well. We love this little video!

Kate Whelley McCabe, CEO, Vermont Evaporator Company

Ogee was founded by a collection of beauty and fashion leaders who created some of the world’s respected beauty brands. We proudly use Beacon to help expand our team of passionate, smart individuals.

Mark Rice, CEO, Ogee

Milk Money is where Vermonters discover local investment opportunities, get tips on how to evaluate those opportunities, and then make an investment. We use Beacon to find talented students to create promotional graphics and videos for our clients.

Louisa Schibli, Co-founder

Thermouse's flagship product, a first of its kind moldable computer mouse, would never have been possible if not for (the unique offerings of Beacon). Through a combination of (creativity and passion), Beacon has (succeed in creating a business that pairs start-ups like Thermouse with skilled college students). Our (contract employees) from Beacon, ranging from mechanical engineering to website design, were (available on short notice, pre-vetted by Beacon, and charged a fraction of the alternative- conventional full-time employees).

Matt Giles, Consultant

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