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It all started on January 12th, 2012, when The Burlington Free Press put Janice and her company True Body Products on the cover of the Innovate section with the title "It worked for Farmers" - "Community Supported Enterprise' seen by female Vermont entrepreneurs as path to building businesses.

At the time Louisa had started a blog called Moogle Vermont which promotes all the cool stuff that's going on in our state. This article and in particular Janice and her innovative thinking caught Louisa's eye. She had to call and talk to Janice and learn more about True Body and Janice's creative and brilliant approach to startup financing.

Over an hour later, after chatting all things startup, crowdfunding, crowdsourced the two agreed they could talk for hours about ideas and should meet for coffee. At the end of that first coffee date at Muddy Waters, the two knew they were going to go into business one day.

Hundreds of coffee and lunch dates later in the early fall of 2014, Janice came across the DFR's press release outlining VSBOE and immediately her entrepreneurial mind started spining and she realized this was the opportunity she and Louisa had been waiting for.

This was it. Yes, of course - we were going to create a way for Vermont entrepreneurs to be able to take advantage of this new legislation. After meetings with lawyers, the supportive guys at the DFR and more meetings with the Mamava team (who were originally going to be the first campain), Milk Money VT was born.

And yes, "Milk" is a nod to Mamava, without whose help and drive to want such a platform we wouldn't be where we are today.

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