5 Tips for a Kickass Resume in Burlington, Vermont

5 Tips for a Kickass Resume in Burlington, Vermont

When you find a job you’re interested in, don’t just send off the resume you’ve put together. Take the time to follow through these next five steps to cater your resume for the open position to help you get a higher chance of an interview!
1. Research the Company
When it comes to applying for any job, it’s important to consider who you’re applying to. Knowing what the company’s goals, work environment, and history will tell you a lot about whether or not you should apply, as well as how you should cater your resume. The research will prep you in the earlier stages to become familiar with the company. Start early in the process to help learn the company beyond the description they give you in the job posting.
2. Target Your Resume
You don’t want to be treated like any other person, so don’t treat every job like it’s the same. After you’ve researched the company, read the job posting, and decided to apply, make sure that your resume matches their language. It’s important you rearrange your skills so that you’re listing them by importance to the job. How you phrase your resume should depend on how a company discusses their own beliefs and how the job is presented.
3. Keywords
Depending on your company, you may be applying for a company that receives hundreds of resumes. In some cases resumes are run through electronic systems that search for keywords before your resume even reaches a person.
If you’re a graphic designer, make sure to use Adobe Suites. List specific programs if you are a web designer. This will help you pass through the computers and get your resume to the first round.
4. Use Details
Did you spend the summer as a sales associate and make $11,000 a month in sales? Were you ever experienced in studio photography and use Alien Bee lighting? When you’re filling out a resume, try to include numbers when you can. If you’ve handled over sixty phone calls in the course of a shift, that’s worth noting. Even mentioning that you ran arts and crafts for ten kids during your camp counselor years will help paint a bigger and better picture. Details are important to help tell the company who you are and how successful you are what you’ve done.
5. Layout
Layout is relevant to who you are. Consider this interactive resume for a game designer. Every resume needs the basics:
● Name
● Contact Information
● Link to Website/Linkedin
● Skill Set, Awards, & Certifications
● Job Experience
● Education
How you present it is up to you.
If using a basic word document, keep everything you have to one page. Don’t be afraid to widen your indexes to allow space for all of your information, but avoid using font that’s hard to read or too small. If you’re a graphic designer, use the page as a creative space. If you’re interested in social media marketing, include links to your work.
Written by Amanda Schroth
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