Kickass Tips for During the Interview

It’s the big day. You’ve done all of your Pre-Interview research and you’re ready. Now that you’re sitting in front of the employee, it’s showtime.


One common mistake in interviews is not listening. It may seem like an easy task to do, but some get caught up in trying to say the right thing, that they completely block out what is being said. Keep your focus on the interviewer’s words. More often than not, you’ll find that the right thing to say is directly phrased in the questions that they ask you.


You’ve done plenty of research, but that doesn’t mean you should know exactly what you are going to say in the moment. Avoid sounding like a robot with no communications skills. Instead, respond to the others in the room. Don’t be afraid to make a light hearted joke. If they ask something that you are unsure about, ask for clarification. They would rather that you have the courage to ask for a rephrasing than attempt to poorly answer the question.


Remember, you are a perfectly valuable employee. You’ve studied your field for a few years now and they have opened the door for an interview. That means they are already interested in you. You have potential. So don’t panic. For most interviews, you should experience a conversation like atmosphere. Be yourself through the interview, and you’ll find that both you and the interviewer will feel much better about the experience.

Be Honest

If you aren’t proficient in a certain area, be sure to let the company know that you are dedicated to learning. Point out your skills, and don’t try to talk about something you lack knowledge in. Chances are, the interviewer will notice if you’re struggling with accuracy. It looks better to say, “I know some about the area, but I am putting in an effort to learn on my own and would love to learn in a professional setting.”

One way to check your honesty is know your stats. Did you work with fifty clients or sixty clients? Are you used to CRMs and which programs have you used for one?

Once you’ve finished your interview, be sure to check on how to follow up with our next article: 4 Kickass Tips for the Post-Interview Stage.

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