Managing Applications



Post a Job

Allow candidates to apply to jobs via a form and store applications in the database


See Applications

List applications in the employer job dashboard and admin dashboard.


Rate and Review

Privately rate and comment on applications, and organise by status.


How Do I Get There?

You can get to the applications dashboard in two ways:
1. Click the link in the email that was sent notifying you about an application
2. By Clicking "My Listings" under the "Jobs" tab on the navigation menu, then clicking the number next to your applications.


Application Management

Submitted applications can viewed in the employer dashboard. Job applications can be given private notes, ratings, and organised by status (e.g. interviewed, new, archived).
Each application contains links to email the applicant, view their attachment (if applicable) and view their cover letter.
Submitted applications get stored in the database and the employer also gets an email notification.

Beacon Application Form

The Beacon Application Form include names, email, message, cover letter, resume, and their Beacon Profile if they have one. Submitted applications get stored in our secure database and you, as the employer get an email notification.

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