My New Start – 1 in 4 in Vermont

On the eve of the new semester

I went to bed with the resolve to make school my priority above all else. After finishing my first day of classes, I rushed against the tide of students heading off campus and went directly to the library. On the first day of class,the library was predictably a ghost town but I rationalized to myself that this was the sort of discipline I needed to have the semester I wanted. Eventually, I resolved that I’d done enough work for that day, so I started the long trek home. As I stepped outside, I ran into a friend of mine I hadn’t seen for months. We exchanged pleasantries and he was clearly in a hurry. He cheerfully informed me that he was headed to a meeting for his club, a men’s group on campus dedicated to advocating for bystander intervention in cases of sexual assault called “1 in 4”. I’d heard about the group from him last semester, and at the time the group had piqued my interest, but ultimately I’d never ended up joining as I refused to take time away from my studies.

The conversation I had

with my friend that day has changed the trajectory of my year. Instead of heading home to a night with my textbooks, I decided to go to the meeting for 1 in 4. At the meeting I found a group of passionate young men who were enthused for me to join them in their mission to impact change. This commitment was infectious. I finally realized that academics aren’t the only important element of college life, and felt a greater sense of purpose than I had felt in years. I became conscious of a whole world of opportunity outside of academia. The next Saturday night, one such opportunity fell into my lap.

That fateful night,

I was introduced to Peter Silverman, and inquired about his startup, Beacon VT, which I had heard mentioned by friends repeatedly in the preceding weeks. I was eager to learn more about the site, as it seemed the perfect platform to get involved. Peter, perhaps in response to my enthusiasm and knowing that I am an English major, upped the ante and offered me the opportunity to join his team as a writer for the site. Without any hesitation I accepted the opportunity.

My vision

 is to do cameos on inspired businesses and individuals around Burlington that are involved with Beacon VT. This blog will explore the different jobs and internships listed on Beacon in order to give readers more information on the different opportunities brought to you by Beacon. On a more personal level, I hope to use this blog as a means to explore the question of what makes a person passionate, and how the pursuit of that passion can manifest itself into great success.
Written by Tom Marmet
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